Winners of the 2019

Rafferty Reservoir Walleye Cup

Lance Marcotte


Karen Soke

Winners of the 2018

Rafferty Reservoir Walleye Cup

Bert Kauf


Trent Kauf

Winners of the 2017

Rafferty Reservoir Walleye Cup

Bill Connelly


Paul Skoczylas

Winners of the 2016

Rafferty Reservoir Walleye Cup

Mike Lanz


R.J. Fyffe

Winners of the 2015

Rafferty Reservoir Walleye Cup

Lance Marcotte


Karen Soke

Welcome to the 6th Annual Rafferty Reservoir Walleye Cup!


The RRWC is a story of firsts.  The 2015 launch was the first event ever to be organized by Innovative Outdoorsman Marketing, and it gave rise to our IOMPresents events management division.  It was the first CWT qualifying in Saskatchewan, and it would ultimately lead to two more, and to the creation of the Sask Slam.  In fact, the RRWC is the tournament that starts it all, launching both the CWT’s annual “Trail to the Top” and the Sask Slam.


In 2019, driven by angler demand, we expanded the RRWC from its one day origins to a two day event, complete with Saturday night banquet.  It was a success both on and off the water, as it generated enough interest to have Access Communications showcase it on TV.  It was the first time in almost two decades a walleye tournament here in Saskatchewan had been televised!


As cool as all of this is, none of it would have happened without you, our anglers.  You’re the reason the RRWC was created, and you’re the reason for its success.  Due to your continued support, we’re proud to announce that the 2020 Rafferty Reservoir Walleye Cup will once again feature a GAURANTEED $10,000 CASH PRIZE for 1st place!





Tournament Director – RRWC

President, Innovative Outdoorsman Marketing Ltd







James Turner has been the driving force behind the RRWC since its inception, and couldn't have made a better choice of event given his love of fishing and passion for marketing.

Rafferty Reservoir Walleye Cup was the first of many tournaments that James has added to his list of events, and as such it is the one that he holds most dear to his heart.  RRWC was also the first event that James combined his vision of conversation and education about our Saskatchewan fisheries and their importance for future generations.


Through his work with both the Saskatchewan Sportfish Research Group and the Government of Saskatchewan , James and his team have helped spread the word about conservation in the fisheries and education about invasive species issues.  It is his hope that educating the masses will ensure the fisheries will survive and thrive for future generations to enjoy!


James E. Turner



The Central Walleye Trail (CWT) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing anglers in Central North America with an exciting and competitive fishing trail experience. Through their sponsors, tournaments and dedicated organizing committee, the CWT will continue to develop, enhance and promote sport fishing for their anglers and their communities.


1st Place


2nd Place - $5000.00

Plus a 5HP Mercury Motor

11th Place - $800.00

3rd Place - $4000.00

12th Place - $700.00

4th Place - $3000.00

13th Place - $600.00

5th Place - $2000.00

14th Place - $500.00

6th Place - $1750.00

Top CWT Team - $500.00

7th Place - $1500.00

Top New Team - $500.00

8th Place - $1250.00

9th Place - $1000.00

10th Place -Free 2021 Entry

Plus $400.00

Cool Under Pressure



Big Fish - $2500.00

Broken Down As Follows


Day 1 - $750.00

Day 2 - $750.00

Big Fish Overall - $1000.00

Except for forst place, all prizes and prize values are based upon a full field of 100 teams and the full participation of the sponsors.


     Prizes, sponsors, and sponsored products are subject to change without notice.

Rafferty Reservoir Walleye Cup Tournament Rules

This section contains the complete rules for the Rafferty Reservoir Walleye Cup.  You are expected to read the rules thoroughly before you register online.  Your registration is your understanding and acceptance of these rules.

Rafferty Reservoir Walleye Cup Online Registration

We try to ensure your registration in the Rafferty Reservoir Walleye Cup is as simple and straight forward as possible.  Make sure you read the full rules before registering online as it you will be affirming you have as part of your registration.

Wondering who won last year?  Maybe even the year before that? Where you have previously placed? This is the place to find that all out!


Accommodations and Tourism

Looking for a place to stay when attending the tournament? Wonder what there is to do in the area while you're here?  Check out this area for those answers!

Media Files

You cherish your memories of days gone by and we are no different!  Here you will find the images, videos and articles from our previous years.

Conservation Information

This area contains information regarding both barotrauma and the sport fishing research going on in Saskatchewan.

Please click on any of our sponsors to visit their website for more information.

Check Back Often



As incredible as being part of the CWT is for us, we wanted to do a little more for our anglers, particularly those that come out to participate in all three of our walleye tournaments here in Saskatchewan, so we created the Sask Slam.  We have prize categories based on overall performance at each of the three qualifiers - Team of the Year, Angler of the Year, and Big Fish of the year.  The Sask Slam also has the “Win A Shopping Spree” component, which provides anglers at each of the three tournaments a chance to win a $500 Gift Certificate to one of the promotional partners!




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Madge Lake, SK

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