1. The BBC is based on a field of 50 two-angler teams.  Once the field is full, a waiting list will be established.  Tournament organizers may choose to expand the field by up to 10%, starting June 1st.  Such expansion will be noted on the www.iompresents.com/bbc web site and the @IOMPresentsBBC Facebook page.


2. Those teams that fished the BBC in 2018 are grandfathered in, provided their PAID registration is received by the tournament organizers on or before April 19th, 2019.  As of April 20th the BBC is first come, first paid, first registered.  Non-grandfathered teams that wish to register prior to April 19th are welcome to do so, however their registration will not be confirmed until April 20th.


3.  If one of the two paid and registered team members needs to drop out of the BBC, the remaining team member can choose to replace them with another qualified angler.  The tournament organizers must be notified of the change before 9pm the night of the rules meeting.  If an entire team drops out, a new spot will open at the bottom of the field, to be filled from the waiting list.  As of May 17th, entry fees will only be refunded if that spot is able to be filled by another team.


4. There will be a rules meeting starting at 7pm held at TBD the Friday night before the BBC tournament.  Each team is required to have at least one (1) member of their team in attendance.  Registration packages and team numbers will be handed out at that time.  Failure to attend will result in the team being disqualified.


5. All participating anglers must be 18 years or older on the date of the rules meeting for the BBC and in possession of both a valid Saskatchewan fishing license and a Pleasure Craft Operator Card if they intend to do any driving of the boat.  Any angler under the age of 18yrs on the date of the rules meeting must fish with either their parent or a qualified legal guardian over the age of 18.


6. The BBC is conducted in accordance with all current Saskatchewan Fishing Regulations.  It is the sole responsibility of all participating anglers to familiarize themselves with the up-to-date regulations and to abide by them.


7. Electronic luring or attracting devices and underwater cameras are prohibited the day before and the days of the BBC.


8. BBC participating teams fishing from out of province/country are REQUIRED to contact Saskatchewan Government’s Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) Coordinator to make arrangements to have your boat inspected and if necessary decontaminated prior to putting it in the water at Rafferty.  Failure to do so will result in the team being disqualified.


Tournament organizers will post the contact information for the AIS Coordinator on the BBC website and Facebook page approximately one month before the tournament.


9. Each participating angler must have a U.S. or Canadian Coast Guard approved personal flotation device (PFD) and will be required to wear it at all times when on the water.  All participants are required to observe Canadian Coast Guard rules, regulations, and requirements concerning safe boating.


10. The participating angler driving the boat must be tethered to the kill switch either physically or via wireless connection at any time the main motor is engaged and the boat is on plane.


11. All boats used by anglers competing in the BBC must have a properly functioning livewell.  Anglers are encouraged to have sponges in the livewell and to have fin weights on hand to help stabilize fish that are having issues with vertical orientation.


12. Each team registered in the BBC is responsible for ensuring that their boat is properly insured and registered in accordance with the regulations of the home province or state of the boat owner.


13. Each team must submit their boat to inspection by BBC tournament officials prior to launching the morning of the tournament.  Only when cleared by tournament officials can the boat be launched for participation in the BBC.


14. Each team shall clearly display their team identification number on the port side of their boat.  It is the responsibility of each team to ensure that tournament officials record their team number when returning, and – if applicable - to get their dock number so that they can be called in by the Dock Master for weigh-in.


15. Only Largemouth Bass will be defined as “fish” for purposes of the BBC.  Participating teams may weigh a basket of up to four (4) fish in total.  Fish under 30cms are not BBC tournament legal.  Participating teams can cull fish but may have no more than four (4) fish in their livewell at any given time.


16. Any fish determined to be mangled, “stressed” – i.e. “unlikely to survive” - or dead at the sole discretion of the Dock Master will be subject to a penalty of 1lbs.   More than three stressed and/or dead fish in the basket will result in the team being disqualified.


17. Standings and prizes will be based upon each team’s finalized basket weight for the tournament.  Weights will be recorded to the second decimal place in pounds.  In the event of a tie, the heaviest single fish between the teams involved in the tie will determine the highest finishing place.


18. All prizes and prize values are based upon a full field of 50 teams and the full participation of the sponsors.  Prizes, sponsors, and sponsored products are subject to change without notice.


19. The BBC will have two (2) flights, 7:00am to 3:00pm and 7:30am to 3:30pm, the day of the tournament, with each flight taking off via a trickle start.


20. All teams are required to check in at the end of the tournament. Any team returning late at the end of their flight will be accessed a penalty of 20% of their total finalized basket and will be disqualified from any “big fish” prize. Any team returning later than 5min after their flight check-in time will be disqualified.


21. There will be Starting Markers, and there will be a NO WAKE ZONE from launch to those markers in the morning, and past those markers when returning to weigh fish.  A penalty of 1 lbs will be accessed against any team determined to have deliberately created a wake within these zones.


22. BBC boundaries are the entirety of Boundary Dam Reservoir, except for the water return.  There will be no tournament fishing allowed, pre-fish or during the BBC, within 31 meters of this return.  Tournament boats found within this area the day before or the day of the BBC are subject to immediate disqualification.


23. The weigh scale will be open from 9am until the end of the BBC.


24. Under no circumstances may anyone other than the participating team anglers handle or touch their fish until presented for inspection at the dock.  Once presented for inspection, with all fin weights removed, only the team members and the Dock Master may handle the fish until they are put in the basket.  Once basketed, only the Weigh Master may handle the fish until the basket weight is determined. A team member will accompany the basket to the scale, where they will sign for their weight and receive a copy of their scale ticket.  The singular exceptions to these fish-handling rules are the Conservation Officers. They may inspect your fish at any point during the day.


25.  One big fish per team per day will be weighed for purposes of breaking any ties between basket weights and/or any associated points, with the larger fish determining the highest finishing place.  It is the team’s sole responsibility to determine their ‘big fish’ at weigh-in


26. The deliberate touching of boats, leaving the boat to untangle equipment, or passing any items other than a tow line, first aid equipment or a fire extinguisher between boats shall result in both teams be disqualified. In the event that an angler needs to leave their boat to come ashore and use a washroom, they must come in to the dock/weight station, use the facilities closest to the area, and be willing to submit to re-inspection before casting off. They can not get additional bait or equipment during this time.


27. There will be no alcohol or marijuana – unless prescribed by a licensed physician - consumed by any participating angler during tournament hours unless their boat has been taken off the water. Doing so will result in the immediate disqualification of that angler’s team.


28. No matter how comprehensive a set of rules and regulations are, there are always loopholes and grey areas.  In the interest of good sportsmanship and ethical conduct the BBC participants are reminded that the spirit of the rule will prevail in ALL judgment cases.  Always remember that although this is a competitive event, we have come together to enjoy a good day of fishing amongst family and friends.


29. Participating anglers have the right to file a protest against the conduct of another participating angler.  A protest form will be available from the tournament director and must be filled out and presented to the tournament director within one hour of the last team weighing their fish.  A $200CDN protest fee will be required to accompany any formal protest.  The fee shall be returned if the protest is found to have merit by the protest committee.  The protest shall be adjudicated before the awards ceremony.


30. All participating anglers agree to co-operate with members of the press and tournament organizers for interviews and photographs relating to their participation in the BBC.  They further agree to grant to the RRWC and event-related press the irrevocable and unrestricted right and permission to use their image and likeness, in whole or in part, as part of a composite, without restriction as to changes, medium, or alterations, for illustration, promotion, art, editorial, advertising, trade, publishing, or any other purpose whatsoever except pornographic and/or libel in nature.  Participation in the BBC hereby waives any right that the angler may have to inspect or approve the finished product(s).


31. Organizers, sponsors, promoters and organizations/individuals assisting in tournament operation, their agencies and agents are not responsible for death, injury, damage, liability, theft, fire, or any loss to any entrants and/or their entourages.


32. It is the absolute responsibility of each participating angler to ensure that they have read these rules, that they understand them, and that ALL of their information is correct at registration AND on the weigh-in receipts.  The Releasees (see the registration form) are in no way responsible for any confusion or loss of prizes/points due to incorrect information on the part of the participants.